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Being a small, friendly group, everyone gets involved in all aspects of running a show, so if we are not cast in a play then we all take turns working backstage, front-of-house duty on performance nights, set building on the two Sundays prior to a play, publicity and anything else that needs doing!

The only costs associated with membership are:

  • The annual membership fee of £20
  • The cost of the script, if you are cast in a play, which varies but is generally in the region of £10
  • A contribution for tea and coffee, if you attend rehearsals, of 50p per rehearsal (if you make use of this)
  • Your time, as needed in line with the role you are fulfilling for a production

There are currently around 20 active members covering all aspects of a production, e.g. acting, stage management, lighting control, and so on, and those not cast in a production are encouraged to assist in other areas, especially when it comes to building the set in readiness for the performance.  We do not operate a youth group nor do we have an operatic requirement, as we tend to concentrate solely on comedy and drama plays.

Upon joining, we may be currently rehearsing our next production, but you can still get involved by standing in for absentees during rehearsals, aiding the stage manager by working out logistics and sourcing for props, aiding the costume designer with designs and sourcing, or helping our designers conceptualise the set and publicity materials.  This is a good time to become involved as you have the opportunity to get to know us, see how we operate, and gain confidence to audition, if you need that settling in period – many of our members did!

We produce 3 productions every year in January, May and October, with each usually having roughly a 12-week rehearsal period.  After the May production, we have the summer break where we organise social events for members and patrons, including play readings to give us some ideas for future productions.  Rehearsals then re-start in late July.  To help us plan for these productions, we like to know about 6 months in advance those people who intend to be available for performances; this allows us to find plays that can cater for the available members.

Rehearsals are at St. James Road Church Hall, 23 St. James Road, Watford, every Monday and Thursday between 19:45 and 22:00.  Occasionally, the producer may run slightly longer rehearsals from 19:30 to 22:30 if required for rehearsing a longer scene, but this is done with agreement of the cast in advance.  Parking is available but as this is a residential area it can occasionally be problematic.  However, there are no parking restrictions after 18:30 in this part of Watford, though you can always walk or cycle to the hall.

Performances are at the Henderson Memorial Hall, High Street, Abbots Langley, where we also hold the final two weeks of rehearsals to allow the cast to familiarise themselves with the layout of the stage, furniture and props.  During the two Sundays prior to the production, we build and dress the set, with all members expected to participate with their DIY skills!

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Paul, our Treasurer, at or speak to any society member.